Easy Ways to Get Opiate Addiction Treatment Now Through Financing


One of the main reasons why people with opiate addiction don't get the opiate abuse cure they need is due to financial worries. Getting an opiate substance abuse treatment could be very costly, even if you have an insurance.

If you think you need a treatment for opiate abuse, but you don't have the means to get it, here are possible ways you can sort out your need:

  • Check if the rehab center offers a payment plan.
  • Check if you can avail help on crowdfunding sites.
  • Check if you can take a loan from the bank or a loan from a company.
  • Check if you can borrow from your personal savings or retirement account.
  • Check if you can borrow money from health care credit cards.
  • Check if you can borrow from family members.
  • Set up a treatment center payment plan.

Many of the opiate addiction treatment centers offer a payment plan in order to help people to start their treatment without any problem and asking other people. These rehab centers offer automatic monthly payments and graduated payment plans to make it easier for individuals to get their opiate abuse treatment.

Making recovery plans is easier because patients are relieved of the stress of finding money to support their recovery.

  • Raising money from crowdfunding sites.

Do not let the money matters deter you from getting the opiate addiction treatmentthat you need. One of the modern ways now to get help is to seek the assistance of crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe, IndieGoGo and Crowdrise.

These sites are legit that provide help by allowing you to create a campaign, and raise money from donors all over the world.

  • Use your personal savings or retirement account.

The cost of any recovery program is nothing when it comes to getting the opiate abuse cure that you need to start a normal life away from addiction. If you don't have an insurance or your insurance doesn't cover everything of your recovery, you may opt to spend your personal savings in the bank.

However, if your savings in the bank is not sufficient, you may borrow from your retirement fund, 401(k), IRA, or even in your life insurance fund.

  • Get help from loan companies.

If you have tried all other options to get an opiate addiction treatment, but you still failed you may apply for loan in loan companies such as My Treatment Lender or Prosper Healthcare Lending. These companies specialize in offering loans to those who are in need for their opiate addiction treatment at affordable terms.

The advantage of taking loans from these companies is their low interest, and they allow extension of the payment over time. A form application will be needed to check if you are legible to take the loan.

  • Apply for a personal loan.

If you have a good credit history, you may likely be approved when you apply for a bank or lender loan. You will be asked to indicate all your assets, expenses as well as income before they approve your application.

This option offers you a fixed payment every month so you are aware of how much you have to pay while getting an opiate addiction cure